35 Unique Tile Ideas For Kitchen Floors You Must Check Out

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Updated: Mar 15, 2024



Kitchen tiles are the best kitchen flooring option that can help you make your luxurious kitchen appear more elegant, and we are here today with tile ideas for kitchen floors. It creates an endless look for the kitchen space. As it’s a low-maintenance and affordable way to upgrade your kitchen look, you should go for it. If you’re looking forward to installing kitchen tiles to rebuild your kitchen, you should know about the top kitchen floor tile ideasto make the best choice.

Marble Checkered Floor

1. Marble Checkered Floor

This black and white checkered floor design is a basic one. It is one of the best patterned kitchen floor tilesoptions and has been a preferred choice for hundreds of years. But to make it more suitable for the 2020s, it has been updated to marble tiles. You can choose a darker shade of gray with running white veins instead of black if you don’t want to go for it. This marble checkered floor when pulled in white marbles and gray veins also appear to be considered and subtle.

Pop Of Color Floor

2. Pop Of Color Floor

Deeper tones of colors that are used in flooring may sometimes appear as little too much. If you want to avoid it, you can go for a lighter shade. Choose your pop of color shade to take it below your eye level. You can go for a farmhouse style with an emboldened red-tiled floor which appears to be a gorgeous neutral kitchen after design. The contrary geometric pattern of this style gives a sense of fun and modernity to the area at the same time.

Trending Hexagon Tiles

3. Trending Hexagon Tiles

Hunting the trending kitchen floor tiles design picturesto get hold of the top ones? To think out of the box, you can choose the hexagonal patterned tile flooring. It becomes the perfect fit for all floors and is available in all sizes starting from mosaic-like ceramics to stone slab ones. You can get the modest tonal difference and sense of movement by using on-trend hexagonal patterned tiles. This is one of the coolest tile ideas for kitchen floors to get funky using the contrasting color technique of burnt orange, black, etc. These patterned kitchen floor tilesare also available in shades of white.

Room Lightning Pale Natural Stone tiles

4. Room Lightning Pale Natural Stone tiles

The soft pale color of the kitchen floor is the best white kitchen floor tile ideasto go for if you’re keen to have a simple, neutral and peaceful look. It’s one of the most perfect kitchen floor tile ideasthat can complement every kitchen property from rustic retreats to all kinds of barn conversions. This one embraces the hues that are a little warmer than white but are softer enough to give a relaxing vibe to the place. You’ve to choose polished kitchen floor tiles that have a moderate shine to get the most out of light bouncing quality. Make sure that the grouting is in a similar shade to get a perfectly seamless impression.

Diagonal Tiles For Contemporary Kitchen

5. Diagonal Tiles For Contemporary Kitchen

The best tile ideas for kitchen floorsare the ones that don’t make your kitchen appear too square. To avoid the square look of your kitchen, diagonal tiling can be considered the perfect option. These tiles have ditched the perpendicular layering, slick lines, and exacting corners to go diagonal while laying the floor tiles. The diagonal layout of the not-so-white kitchen opens up the space and makes it look more subtle. It’s a pleasant visual treat without any rigid corners or lines.

Edge Sharpening Slate Floor Tiles

6. Edge Sharpening Slate Floor Tiles

The gray slate floor tiles are one of the most popular and favorite tile ideas for kitchen floors.You need to make sure to go for a crisp silhouette when choosing these vintage kitchen flooring ideas.The crisp silhouette is to make sure that all the tiles you use have a sharp edge and the grouting appears indistinct from the tile. You can balance the darker-toned slates by pairing them with lighter brown fittings and fixtures or black walls.

Trendy Terrazzo Tiles

7. Trendy Terrazzo Tiles

The terrazzo tiling is another fun kitchen floor tile ideasthat are wide-ranging and visually entrancing. This flooring idea lets you combine any unpredictable wonders of natural stone with all and every color. It gives a vintage touch to the place. This is one of the huge popularly patterned kitchen floor tilesthat help you hide any crumbs and stains.

Nature’s Tonal Range Floor Tiles

8. Nature’s Tonal Range Floor Tiles

For the natural stone tiling, you won’t find two tiles identical in shade. This flooring is one of the popular vintage kitchen flooring ideasthat let you embrace the tonal differences instead of hiding them. You’ve to keep in mind your kitchen space- its area, fixtures and fittings, activities, etc while choosing the tone, texture of the tiles. You can go for a high style granite flooring to place the darker square slates next to the lighter ones to demonstrate the material breadth.

Rustic Kitchen Floor Tiles

9. Rustic Kitchen Floor Tiles

Rustic kitchen tiles have been a popular look forever and it works the best to give your kitchen an ultra-modern look even in 2021. You can go for the large modern rustic slabs to keep the look slick. These contemporary modern rustic tiles go very well with all kinds of modern fittings and fixtures of the kitchen. You can mix and match these rustic tiles with your high gloss kitchen cabinets which are perfect to pay honor to your house heritage as well as give it a modern upgrade.

Pair Terracotta Tiles With Blue

10. Pair Terracotta Tiles With Blue

The terracotta is a trending style these days and pairing it with blue backgrounds or walls charms the kitchen with its earthly tone. Pairing it with any elegant shades of blue can help in modernizing its orangey tone. You can go for the Prussian blue shades to mix and match the terracotta tiles to get the vintage touch.

Patterned Zoning Areas Tiles

11. Patterned Zoning Areas Tiles

Tile ideas for kitchen floors can also be used to zone areas in the kitchen. If you have a larger open-spaced kitchen, zoning it with kitchen floor tiles is the perfect option for you. You can separate the breakfast bar from the lunch counter or the rest of the kitchen with different geometric patterned tiles. The wooden floor beds can separate the sink or the cooking areas. For zoning, you can avoid using different materials and instead use different colors and patterns to make the distinction.

Pattern Floors With Mediterranean-style Encaustic Tiles

12. Pattern Floors With Mediterranean-style Encaustic Tiles

The designs of these tiles of the warmer climate are mostly patterns. These patterns are bold and beautiful and are perfectly suitable for providing a traditional appealing look to your kitchen. If you’re looking for traditional-style kitchen floor tile ideas,you can go for this one with bold patterns. These tiles are made in a variety of colors suitable for all types of kitchens. These pattern tiles are not painted but they’re intrinsic.

Patterned Multicoloured Kitchen Floor Tiles

13. Patterned Multicoloured Kitchen Floor Tiles

You don’t have to choose a single color tile for your floor, it’s no fun. You can go to the Multicoloured patterned tiles to get a more colorful and vibrant vibe from your Kitchen. These multicolored Kitchen Floor tiles designs picturesare always very eye-catching and attractive because of their irregular pattern. These Multicolored kitchen floor tile ideas don’t have any rule to lay them. Therefore you can have the pleasure of getting all creative with the colors and shapes of your kitchen tiles. It will help in creating your unique floor design.

Underfoot Textured Style Tiles

14. Underfoot Textured Style Tiles

The unpredictable patterns of the natural stones are attractive because of their organic texture. If you prefer the tiles of your kitchen to have a rustic approach you can consider going for the textured ones instead of the smooth ones. The textured tiles have a crevassed surface that catches the light, therefore it prevents it from being too dark. This underfoot textured style tile is another great tile ideas for kitchen floors.

Victorian Style Tiles

15. Victorian Style Tiles

One of the popular vintage kitchen flooring ideasis the Victorian-style tile rug that’s versatile enough to go with shiny cabinets. These tiles allow customization and have numerous variations in color and texture. The Victorian-style tiles are scratch-resistant and can be implemented on the sharp borders and edges that bring charm to the kitchen.

Gray And White Rustic Style

16. Gray And White Rustic Style

Another very popular white kitchen floor tile ideasis the white and gray rustic one. These earthly colors consist of two different shades to match any color scheme of your kitchen. The tiled floors don’t appear even, but it is a combination of uneven shapes and designs that is ideal to give your kitchen a creative rustic look.

Warm Shaded Spanish Style Tiles

17. Warm Shaded Spanish Style Tiles

The Spanish-themed kitchens always have a vibrant yet sophisticated vibe. These Spanish tiles are classy and warm enough to fit perfectly in any practical kitchen layout. These Spanish tiles mostly come in the shade of terracotta with a slight touch of blue octagon design. It gives the old warm charm to your traditional style kitchen.

Contemporary Floor tiling style

18. Contemporary Floor tiling style

The contemporary floor tiles come in a light beige wooden shade. It has slick lines on it, which gives it a clean and sophisticated look. These lines add depth to the entire kitchen space. You’ll get a variety of shades starting from lighter wooden color to dark brown. The shades look trendy with all kinds of high-end cabinets, fixtures, and fittings in the kitchen as it’s a neutral color.

Italian Cement Color Floor Tiles

19. Italian Cement Color Floor Tiles

The timeless monochromatic themed floor has been popular tile ideas for kitchen floors.The cement color Italian tile is a fusion of gray and white veins, therefore if you’re looking for something vintage, go for it. This style is a versatile one and it goes in any kind of kitchen space. The tile blends well with the cabinetry and backsplash of all types of kitchen charming it with a modern look.

3D flooring tiles

20. 3D Flooring Tiles

Looking to make your kitchen space a little more dramatic? You can go for the 3D tiles. This is another top fun tiles ideas for kitchen floor that helps you to bring life to the space. The stunning art of these tiles can change the whole decor of the kitchen making it a fun place to work and sit for activities. You can go for the water-resistant 3D style tiles to gain the best fun experiences.

Brisk Design Kitchen Floor tiles

21. Brisk Design Kitchen Floor tiles

If you want to have zigzag patterned floor tiles, you can go for the tilted tiles placed in a zigzag kind of pattern. The soft gray shades look elegant and quite subtle which mimics a retro theme. This layout can make your kitchen look ultra-modern. The designer kitchen calls for these types of tiles and it needs a smart use of the space to make the place look open and pleasant.

Ivory White Tiles

22. Ivory White Tiles

Another timeless classic white kitchen floor tile ideasis the ivory white tiles. The ivory color itself gives a seamless and smooth finish, blending perfectly with all kinds of space. It works to exude the contemporary style and upgrades to enhance the whole decor. The ivory tiles are the bright warm ones that give a high polished finish look to your fancy kitchen. It looks perfect with a darker backsplash and cabinets.

Wooden Brown Floor Tiles

23. Wooden Brown Floor Tiles

If you have wooden cabinetry, you can go for the wooden brown tiles for your floor. It gives a super cozy and warm look to your kitchen, as well as retains the traditional style. These wooden tiles come in a different shade of terracotta to match your cabinets and shelves perfectly. It is the perfect choice to get an elegant and homely assembled kitchen.

French Theme Green Tile Floor

24. French Theme Green Tile Floor

Longing to have a French theme flooring? You can go for the intense vibrant green tiles that are a perfect down-to-earth combo if you have a warm white kitchen space. These green tiles can make the space appear glossy and shining. It’s well suited for a kitchen with white cabinets and walls. These tiles can shine brighter after getting bathed in the bright lights gushing through kitchen windows and make your kitchen look like an endless space.

Stone Print Kitchen Tiles

25. Stone Print Kitchen Tiles

Another popular tiles ideas for kitchen flooris the natural stone style tiles. This tiling helps to brighten the kitchen space, giving it an authentic stylish look. This one easily blends with any kitchen space and doesn’t go overboard with the overhead lights and beige tinted cabinets. You’ve to arrange the layout carefully to get the place to look dramatically beautiful.

PVC Floor Tiles Kitchen

26. PVC Floor Tiles Kitchen

If you’re looking for tiles that can upgrade your kitchen look to give a simple charm, go for the ones made of PVC. This earthy color preserves the traditional style of your kitchen, yet gives your quant kitchen a charming glow. The PVC floor tiles come in warm and wooden shades that fit satisfactorily with any lighter colored spaces. Although they have a smooth finish, the wooden print of these tiles appears to give texture to the floor.

Faded Shade Wooden Tiles

27. Faded Shade Wooden Tiles

If you’re looking for something closer to a wooden shade, you can go for the lighter faded style one which resembles the wooden shades. The subtle color is not so warm like that of the woods but is elegant and bright enough to give the place a special charm. This one is very versatile and gives a place a special vintage touch. You can choose the tiles in two different shades to mix and match them. You can consider this as another vintage kitchen flooring ideasthat have been appreciated and used since forever.

Stained Tiles Style

28. Stained Tiles Style

The stained tiles can be the out-of-the-box tiles style that you can choose to make the room have an ultra-modern look. These stained tiles come in a variety of colors and you can select them keeping in mind the color of your backsplash and cabinets. It gives the kitchen an aura of being in a coastal region, which is calming and peaceful. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

Two-Floor Style Tiles

29. Two-Floor Style Tiles

The two floor-style tiles are simple but fun ones to choose for your kitchen. The tiles have two different shades. It’s a tasteful and versatile style that can make your floor appear as two different ones. These tiles are suitable for a designer kitchen and blend well with all shades of cabinets. This super polished industrial-style kitchen tile is the perfect definition of a modern style statement.

Block Colored Tiles

30. Block Colored Tiles

For the contemporary kitchens, the block color floor in the hues of dark gray or black is the ideal one. You’ve to pick the tiles in a color that’s bold enough to create an intense look. The block tiles offer a clean backdrop to your high-end kitchen setting. You have the option to go glossy or matted. To get the most of the block look, you can go for less usual colors or deep blue or black.

Coastal Print Tiles

31. Coastal Print Tiles

For all the beach people, these coastal flooring tiles are the ideal option to go for. You’ve to choose the shades of the tiles in something light, airy, and airy enough to give the coastal vibe. This turns your whole kitchen decor into a space with elegant and standard designs. It’s the ideal one to go for if you have a whitewashed setup in your kitchen.

Mixed Width Tiles Style

32. Mixed Width Tiles Style

If you want eye-catching flooring, you can go for the mixed-width tiles. You can do this one by any and all kinds of tiles, but lighter wooden shades in different sizes can make it look the best. This is the easiest of all the tile ideas for the kitchen floor, as you just need to place the tiles of different widths on the floor without adjusting them. This style helps in making the space appear more dramatic by creating an illusion of endless details.

Large Rectangular Format Tile Style

33. Large Rectangular Format Tile Style

For the Kitchen that isn’t much open or big, you can use the large square format tiles to create an illusion of endless space. It adds a dramatic effect to the kitchen area. These tiles look most elegant when they’re used in the warmer white shades, but you can get them in a broad range of colors.These large rectangular tiles are also found in a squared shape, so you’ve options for the shapes too. It blends well with all types of kitchens.

Patchwork Style Tiles

34. Patchwork Style Tiles

The patchwork style is the subtle one that’s desired when you’re looking for something more subtle and neutral. This one never gets old because of its appearance, which reflects imagination and creativity. This place shows off your peculiar side in a creative way. It blends pretty well with every kitchen space, adding a glamorous traditional touch.

Small Scale Square Tiles

35. Small Scale Square Tiles

Small-scale square tiles, although a little time-consuming to lay, are the out-of-the-box idea that can give your kitchen space a modern lift. The tiles make the place look bigger and cleaner. You should go for lighter colors to get the elegant look if you’re thinking of flooring your kitchen using small-scale square tiles. It makes the place appear so elegant and bright, it looks like a well-assembled dream place.


Kitchen tiles are the best way to protect your kitchen floor and show off the best kitchen design. It creates an illusion of endless space making your kitchen look brighter and classy. This article can help you know all the latest and trendy tile ideas for kitchen floors.

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