10 Trending Yet Simple Kitchen Colour Combination | 2022

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Updated: Mar 15, 2024



Like adding colour to our ingredients for a succulent meal to serve, it’s time you colour your cooking experience with a simple kitchen colour combination. Spices add flavour as a taste and colour to your dinner bowls for an aesthetic look. Wouldn’t you like it if a two colour combination for kitchen laminatesrejuvenate your cabinets too? We know that the kitchen is the last room you would want to renovate and spend a lot of money decorating.

However, like minded customers like you have only made the popularity of kitchen decors progress over time. Typical home designers who hover over drawing rooms and bathroom subtleties, nowadays also take the job of furnishing kitchenware and dining rooms. However, it is they who mostly choose the kitchen furniture colour, and are paid for their suggestions.

How about you take the load of choice on your own shoulders? A colour combination for your kitchen only looks best when you’re the one behind the works for it, because you are the only one who would spend days and nights cooking meals there. A little splash to your daily cooking life will make the task at hand so much better!

While there is no end to colours, we have managed to accumulate 10 of the best colour combinations that would go with every architecture in your typical household. Trust our personalised options, and feel free to choose from these 10 simple kitchen colour combinations.

The Red Blue Green Trinity

1. The Red Blue Green Trinity

What can go wrong with the three primary colours from the colour palate? Exactly, nothing at all. As you imagined it, these three colours, when splintered across your kitchen doors and drawers, would give you an extra tangy feel as you enter the kitchen doors to show your MasterChef skills. While the green on drawers reinforces a positive splurge to the red contrast, the blue balances the loudness of the overall colour scheme.

Be it lighter shades blending with the darker, or going solo on the brightness of the colour combination, the three colours will definitely bring in a new kind of feel to your home decor. You can take some inspiration from this particular simple kitchen colour combination of green and red, and customise in the blue for sobering it out.

Minimalistic White

2. Minimalistic White

Of Course, you’ve heard of the trend of minimalism that buzzes around every rich socialite household decor. You can implement that look into your own kitchen area, where your kitchen furniture colour would be a unitary white. Practicing minimalism extends to home design too, and we think of all the rooms, your kitchen would look the best in clean-cut white.

We mention the furniture especially because that only adds to the presence of a workable kitchen. Go ahead and stretch the whiteness of your kitchen to your other furniture as well, to really set the tone as a universal room of minimalism.

Blissful White to The Blue

3. Blissful White to The Blue

The sombre colours of white and blue, as mentioned in the previous two simple kitchen colour combinations, are an experimental blend of soft that adds a delicate touch to your kitchen laminates color combination. It’s a contemporary combination that will only go best in your kitchen, as it proves its use more than its appeal. You can always go simple on the eyes with soft and neutral tones like blue and white, or alter the shades to manage preferences you might have.

The Pastel Way

4. Simple Kitchen Colour Combination: The Pastel Way

It is universally acclaimed that pastels can never ever go wrong. It is not just for your simple colour combination for kitchen laminates, but for every cooking utensil you may be having inside those cupboards. You can match the pastel hue with a colour coded pastel mix of the following combinations

  • Pink and green- There is a natural touch to the essence of green, and the light hearted pink all the more relaxes the aesthetic of kitchens in general.
  • Purple and grey- Are you feeling grey? The purple delicate sense will immediately put your mind into solace as you cook away your meals.

The Treehouse Wooden Brown

5. The Treehouse Wooden Brown

Let’s head back a notch and go to the medieval times, when wooden platforms were used to keep the stoves, whereas fire lit up midday meals. Yes, your urban apartment can handle the medieval look too, when the simple kitchen combination of a rosewood brown embraces your modern cabinets. This will definitely provide for an earthly atmosphere as your freshly baked medieval style meat cooks in the corner!

Little Black Kitchen

6. Little Black Kitchen

Up until this point, when you’re in the mindset of painting your kitchen, why not try and go all black suit corporate and paint your cabinets like you’re about to attend your interview. Afterall, cooking a successful meal does feel like closing a big deal. To uphold that sophistication, keep a wooden tinge to your kitchen slabs to keep the minimalist backsplashes, and accentuate the industrial urban look.

Lemons and Yellow

7. Lemons And Yellow

Its high time we clear the way for the brightest, happiest colour in your palette, yellow! sunshine and rainbows really lift up your mood when you enter the kitchen for a dizzy breakfast meal. Were sure the tinge of ochres and lemons of yellow schemes will boost your mind better than your morning cup of coffee. Pair the yellow with a distinct white to have the sunflower vibe. You can also pair it with other neutral shades that don’t take the spotlight away from the yellow.

Blue With Your Orange

8. Blue With Your Orange

Who knew even blue can scream positivity to your eyes? Well, when paired with a bright orange hue, the blue sparks up the contrast even more. Orange has a loudness to it that most viewers would see as too gaudy for a kitchen furniture colour. The blue comes to the rescue with its sad aesthetic to give the best and yet the simplest kitchen colour combination.

Pink and Red

9. Simple Kitchen Colour Combination: Pink and Red

Hold up, before you call the combination too “Girly” for your tastes, let me tell you that not all shades of pink scream a 5-year-old little girl’s playroom. There are other shades too, like a rich magenta or a pastel dark crimson that would easily add a stark contrast to your typical red. If it becomes too bloody to you, lighten the red into an orange on the laminates.

Orange Is the New Black

10. Orange Is the New Black

Who knew the prison cell aesthetic will become a trend for the most lavish kitchen laminates color combination? Imagine an orange ceiling over you, while you take in the sophistication of black. It makes for an interesting combination that will be admired by your guests the moment they lay their eyes on the room. Beware, your kitchen may just be the hub of all the talking, leaving all your sofas and drawing rooms alone!

Go Gold

11. Go Gold or Go Home

The folktale, Midas touch, is a classic we all remember. Golden furniture and laminated gold rooms did once seem like an on the nose extravagant view. But, with kitchens, gold might just be the best colour that charms your cooking space! Golden is a colour not reserved for the aristocratic household only. When blended the right way, like you see in the picture down below, you can use the golden to shine your kitchen furniture colour, checking the brightness level intact.

If you are hesitant on deciding how to renovate your kitchen with a golden hue, even though you love the idea of it, here are some ideas you can explore that keeps in check the urban look while giving off the gold colour as you wish.

Ocean Eyes Blue

12. Simple Kitchen Colour Combination: Ocean Eyes Blue

With shades of teal, turquoise and sea green, transport your kitchen to the summer beach of Hawaii. Like an island castle, your kitchen would embrace colour combinations in the most exquisites of blue simple kitchen colour combination there is. While deep shades of navy and royal can go with the slabs and platforms, the lighter blues of sky and turquoise can make for two colour combination for kitchen laminates.

Simple Kitchen Colour Combination: Summed Up

It is true that kitchen color combinations have only just hit the buzz of the home decor corner. But, be one of the firsts to make it a common trend when renovating houses or refurbishing rooms after a long time. Eyes need their daily dose of motivation and aesthetic satisfaction too, don’t they? Of Course, they do! So go ahead, brood over these color combinations if you like. The one that makes you say ” I want this in my kitchen” will be the winner of our list of simple kitchen color combinations! What are you waiting for? Choose away!

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