Replace Kitchen Cabinets: The Cost & Other Details

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Updated: Mar 15, 2024



Well, the idea of replacing your kitchen cabinet must have crossed your mind quite a few times, doesn’t it? If you still can’t decide how to replace kitchen cabinets, then you should put your confusion aside and start reading this article without delaying a second. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can add value to your kitchen as well as to your house. It’s an excellent way to make your kitchen arena look elegant, brighter, and spacious.

Before moving forward, you must have a rough idea regarding the cost to replace kitchen cabinets. It may cost around $3000 to $8000 for a brand new kitchen cabinet. However, this is not an exact figure. The new cabinets cost also depends upon the wood quality, size of the cabinet, and other details that you want to add as well. The cost of kitchen cabinets increases on customization as well.

If you love to invest time to reshape every corner of the house, then the decision of replacing the kitchen cabinet is completely justifiable. Here, we will also be showing you how you can replace kitchen cabinets without making a large hole in your pocket. Our cost-effective tips are surely going to hit your mind.

Cost to Renovate a Kitchen Cabinet

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen Cabinet?

Before getting started, you must get acquainted with the facts to be considered. Make sure to mention these terms in the first place to your kitchen renovation contractor once you decide to replace kitchen cabinets.

  • If you change your kitchen cabinets very often, then it’s better to go for a cheap material to save your money. Stock cabinets are generally premade and cheaper.
  • If you want to add details like glass inserts or fancy trim, then it’s better to go for semi-custom cabinets.
  • Custom cabinets cost a little high. You can personalize the cabinet by adding small details like custom paint color, shelving size, etc.
  • Well, you have to consider your kitchen walls too. Choose a cabinet that goes hand in hand with your complete kitchen look. If you decide to install a stock cabinet, it’s fine, but usually, it looks dull and bland. It’s difficult for a stock cabinet to stand out in a modern kitchen.
  • Custom cabinets can give your kitchen the dream look that you’ve always wanted. Although it is quite expensive, after installing it, you can proudly say that every penny is worth it.
  • Don’t forget to select good quality and durable wood material that can resist scratching in the long run. Your first preference is to spend a good amount while buying the wooden material.
  • You can buy cheaper wooden materials too. It can save your money initially but not in the long run. After installing, cheaper wooden materials may seek your attention periodically. You have to invest in repainting them. Basically, their maintenance charge is not negotiable.
  • The toughest part is the cabinet installation. Make sure to hire some experts to look after the whole journey.
  • Improper installation may leave a gap in between the cabinets or increase the risk of getting hurt if items kept inside the cabinets start falling. So, make sure to consult some experts only.

Replacing the Kitchen Cabinets

Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing the Kitchen Cabinets

You not only have to invest money but also time to keep your cabinet safe in the long run. Quite a few times, most people overlook the common mistakes when they want to replace kitchen cabinets. That’s why we are repeatedly telling you to consult some expert kitchen renovation contractors only. Without further delay, let’s check out some common mistakes that you should keep in mind while installing a new cabinet.

  • Before choosing any cabinet, you should always take a look at your kitchen size. Considering your kitchen size should always be your priority. For a small kitchen, a detailed kitchen cabinet may not look good. Likewise, for a large kitchen, a simple cabinet may look too simple. If you have a space crunch, do not include too much detail unnecessarily. It may create a messed-up look.
  • Well, a simple cabinet is always the wisest choice. You can easily clean it without facing too many difficulties. On the other hand, a cabinet with too much detailing may give you a bad experience. You can’t even help ignoring the idea of cleaning. Food debris, dirt, grease may trap in your cabinets and create an unhygienic mess.
  • The second most important thing is color. Always choose the color that complements the whole look of your kitchen. If you choose a bright color for your cabinet, make sure your kitchen walls are not too bright because too much brightness can provoke a muddy look. On the other hand, selecting a light or white color is also a good choice until and unless your kitchen walls are already painted with white or beige color. Too much light color may look dull and boring.
  • Here is the most important point that you’ve to consider: new cabinets cost. Maybe you are ready to invest a lot to replace the kitchen cabinet, and that’s fine. But the word expensive does not always guarantee durability. Some wood may cost high because they are rare to find, some may cost high because they are not native in your locality, which adds transportation charges too. Try to dig deeper while buying the wood materials. If you have a fixed budget, then also don’t jump on the cheapest material without knowing its durability. You can see so many variations in kitchen cabinets pricesfrom shop to shop also. Make sure to buy it from a reliable cabinet manufacturer.
  • Your homeowner may have different opinions, too but always make sure to choose the look that you won’t get tired of looking at very soon. Always replace kitchen cabinets by keeping your preferences in the first place.
  • Always put your needs first: how much space you need to accommodate your items in it. Lack of space may create unnecessary chaos and mess in your kitchen.

How Can You Make Your Journey Cost-Effective

How Can You Make Your Journey Cost-Effective?

It’s definitely a wise decision to spend money on something that can promise you durability. You have already got an idea regarding the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets. Many have a limited budget, and some do not want to spend much. The best way to dress up your kitchen is to choose either stock or semi-custom cabinets. Once you buy a good quality semi-custom or stock cabinet, then you can add the necessary details to it.

Wait for the season when your contractors may offer a price break. Grab the offer and get a considerable price break on your installation. Not only the contractors but also the cabinet manufacturers offer a huge discount during certain seasons of the year. Kitchen cabinets pricesdrop down during these periods. Know the cost variation prior to buying and grab the chance to get your materials at the lowest price possible.

How Much Time Can It Take for Kitchen Renovation?

The answer is simple, right! Whenever you feel so. You can renovate your kitchen cabinet whenever you want. Then there is one more important question too: how much to replace kitchen cabinets? Sometimes, it really becomes necessary to replace the kitchen cabinet when you figure out it can’t serve your purposes anymore.

Once you see the cabinet surfaces have started to wear out, then that’s the opportunity for you to replace kitchen cabinets. You may clean the damaged surfaces zillionth times, but those damaged surfaces and scratches will hold some dirt and grease forever. If you are in your retirement years, then it’s a good opportunity for you to spend time on this. You should definitely appreciate the idea of rebuilding your kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Renovation

Replace Kitchen Cabinets: Wrapping Up

Well, this article must have answered questions about when to replace, how to replace, and how much to replace kitchen cabinets. You may want to keep these cabinet replacement tips in your mind whenever you feel like renovating your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is cheaper: replace kitchen cabinets or painting the old one again?

Painting the old one is way cheaper than replacing it, but painting can’t overlook the disadvantages of having a damaged and worn-out surface if your kitchen cabinet is not in a position to paint, then better to replace it.

2. Why are kitchen renovation expenses always tagged as 10×10?

It gives a rough estimation regarding the cost of kitchen cabinets. It is just for making your overall calculation look easier.

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