5 Easy Steps To Paint Laminate Countertops

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Updated: Mar 15, 2024



Painting laminate countertops in the kitchen will remodel the kitchen appearance and it resembles the look of the granite. Sometimes the countertops are of good quality but need to be upgraded. In that case, it is preferable to paint the laminate countertops rather than replace them. Painting the countertops provides the exact look and shine of natural stones. Painting is also affordable and within the reach of the users.

Purchasing new granite stones to decorate the kitchen may become economical for the users. But countertop paints are user as well as pocket friendly. The paints are available in kits that cover about 35 square feet of area at $70. There are other pricing variations too. The paint can be applied easily to any sort of laminate countertops, solid surfaces, ceramic tiles, and wood or marble countertops. The paint should be applied consistently which can completely modify the look of the kitchen.

Paint Laminate Countertops

Is It Possible To Paint Laminate Countertops?

Users can easily paint laminate countertops to upgrade the look of the kitchen. Aging, damaged and worn-out kitchen countertops can be refreshed with paints. Acrylic paints can be applied to the heavy use areas of the kitchen to make it strong and durable. Kitchen countertops easily get damaged due to daily use and abuse from heat, water, spills, and constant cleaning of the surface. Painting laminate countertops saves both money and time for the users.

Paint Laminate Countertops

Materials Required To Paint Laminate Countertops

For painting the laminate countertops the required materials are-

  • Contact cement
  • Sanding block
  • Medium grit sandpaper
  • Small paint roller
  • Roller covers
  • Paint tray fitted with liner with additional liners
  • Paintbrush
  • Mineral spirits
  • Painter’s tape
  • Latex based primer
  • Latex based paint
  • Topcoat sealer.

Laminate Countertops

Steps to Paint Laminate Countertops

In order to paint laminate countertops users need to follow several steps-

1. Cleaning The Countertops And Preparing It For Painting

The countertops should be completely grease free. It should be cleaned using scrub pads and water. After cleaning if there is any damage on the countertops then it can be filled with sand and wood fillers before applying the paint. Then users need to paint the slab with a black primer which will provide a smooth appearance.

2. Applying Two Coats Of Primer

At first, users should apply an even, thin coat of primer with the help of a paint roller. Adequate time should be given to the primer for drying completely prior applying the second coat. After putting the second coat, it is left ideal for drying.

3. Dabbing And Blotting

Primer takes about eight hours to dry. As soon as the primer dries user can easily apply mineral colours with the help of the sponge. Before painting the countertops, at first it should be applied on any construction sheet to get accustomed with the patterns. Several stripes and patterns can be made following the waves of colour combination.

4. Applying Two Coats Of Paints

Colours are applied consistently on the dried primers after blending the colours equally. Adequate drying time is provided to the colours to dry. Acrylic paints are applied uniformly on the countertops and second coat is applied after it gets dried.

5. Applying Topcoat

Applying the topcoat is the final step for painting the laminating countertops. It takes enough time to dry up. After about 4 hours, the countertops are completely gets ready to use. Users can keep heavy kitchen appliances like toaster, micro wave on the surface.

Painting Formica Countertops

Methods For Painting Formica Countertops

For painting Formica countertops, users need to use durable and strong paint like laminate paint, acrylic paint and water based epoxy paint. Here, after applying the paint, primer is applied so that the paint can get adhere strongly to the Formica countertops.

Procedure of Painting Formica Counterparts:

Step 1: Proper selection of Formica paint colour as per the quality of the product. The paint must be semi-gloss or high gloss enamel paint. This will harden the surface and it becomes sustainable for daily use.

Step 2: Preparing the countertops for painting. The countertops should be cleaned properly. Drop cloth should be laid uniformly to get rid from paint splatter.

Step 3: Using sandpaper which will roughen the smooth surface, so that the paint can get adhered easily.

Step 4: Proper filling of the countertop’s imperfections which include holes, dents and scratch. This can be done using putty, epoxy. The surface will become smooth and suitable for painting.

Step 5: Water based bonding primer is applied. Primers are selected keeping in mind the Formica paint colour. High quality paint brush should be used.

Step 6: Paints are applied after stirring well. The paint is applied smoothly using paint brushes. Two coats of paints are applied on the countertops.

Step 7: After the paint gets dry, protective coat is applied with high quality clear, glossy acrylic topcoat. It provides a protective, durable barrier against daily use.

Methods Of Applying Rustoleum Countertops Paint From Paint kit

Rustoleum is one of the most important manufacturers of protective paints and coatings. It is used for both domestic and industrial uses. Rustoleum countertop paint is a kit that transforms the dull, damaged countertop into a shiny and durable one. It is mainly applied for the textured surface resembling the appearance of stone. Rustoleum countertops paint kit contains decorative chips rather than paint. It gets adhere easily to the laminate countertops. It is also best suited with hardwood and metal trim. The cost of the kit is user friendly.

Painting Formica Countertops

The Method of Applying Rustoleum Countertop Paint Are:

  1. The countertop surface should be cleaned completely for better action of the countertop transformation.
  2. Base coat will be applied to prepare the surface for putting the decorative colour chips.
  3. Proper wetting agents should be allowed for keeping the adhesive base coat wet.
  4. Decorative chips are spread uniformly over the entire surface before the adhesive base dries up. After applying the decorative chips, it should be left untouched and undisturbed.
  5. The countertop takes about 12 hours to dry and then the surface is smoothened before applying the topcoat.
  6. Topcoat of silicone epoxy is applied as a protective covering and it does require any special ventilation facilities.

Application of Charcoal Coloured Chips

Charcoal coloured chips are available in various natural forms and finishes. It includes Pebbled Ivory, Desert Sand, Java Stone, Onyx and Charcoal. Charcoal coloured chips are easily obtained from Rustoleum Countertop Transformation kit.

  • At first base coat are applied simultaneously all over the surface area before spreading the chips on the countertops.
  • Then the countertop area needs to be sanded for giving a smooth appearance.
  • Finally the area should be covered with clear topcoat.

Types Of Paint

Types Of Paint To Use On Countertops

The nature of countertop determines the kind of paint to be used. For heavy use area countertops Acrylic paints are applied as it provides a hard surface after drying. Water based acrylic paints, when mixed up with water creates soft, bearable odour. After applying primer to the countertop oil or water based latex house paint are used. Several paint kits are allowed on the countertops to provide the granite like appearance. Users can also apply semi-gloss oil based enamel to paint the laminate countertops. The materials that are used to paint are absolutely safe for the purpose of food preparation. It is the responsibility of the users to inform the store keeper the purpose of the paint before buying.

Painting Linoleum Countertops

Different Aspects for Painting Linoleum Countertops

Linoleum is a hard, washable kitchen covering. It is the coating of the linseed oil, powdered cork and rosin. Painting Linoleum countertops can be done easily with the help of water-based acrylic primer, paint and top coat. Painting linoleum countertops with the mixture of wall paint and acrylic paint will provide durable as well as consistent finishing. It will make the countertops look absolutely new and hardy for future use. No special kit is needed for linoleum countertop painting.

Users need to remember certain aspects before painting the linoleum countertops:

  • Good quality primers and high quality sealers must be used for painting the countertops.
  • Primers should be applied uniformly as it creates adhesive for the paint to adhere on the countertops.
  • Paint is the simple colour, so sealers are used that will enhance the actual finish of the countertops.
  • For painting linoleum countertops, resin topcoats should be applied that will extent the longevity of the paint.
  • Gorgeous contact papers can be used in some cases that resemble marble.

Paint Laminate Countertops: Summed Up

Painting laminate countertops can upgrade the outdated kitchen’s ambiance and make the surface shape perfect. Any sort of dents or cracks can be repaired using epoxy putty before applying the paint. After painting, the entire kitchen looks fully furnished at affordable costs and quickly without any problem.

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