Kitchen Island With A Raised Bar Top – A Thing Of Future

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Updated: Apr 3, 2024



To start about kitchen island with raised bar top, you should know the kitchen island comes under the category of the most requested elements by the homeowners in case of building a new kitchen. This island acts as a functional addition to the original space and gives an appropriate amount of space for the preparation of meals, breakfast, and doing homework with the kids.

Being the heart of the home and one of the most important places in the space, it is very important to build it comfortably. The kitchen counter bar is a thing of the past since the open living concept is gaining popularity. The countertop is included in the design and has become very significant in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top: Explaied

Being a very entertaining space inside a house, a large kitchen island is a good way to separate the living space and the kitchen area without consuming large space. Gaining popularity, a separate cookout does not function anymore and there are positives associated with a kitchen island with raised bar top. This consumes less time and does not hinder anyone’s visit. Most of the time during anyone’s visit is spent in preparing the meals and cleaning and shifting these appliances to the island puts one back in the mix.

kitchen counter bar

Can Countertop Design Be Two-Tiered?

A kitchen island with raised bar top has become a trend along with the two-tiered island. Both the countertop and bar stool are placed in a way that eases the dining. A visual shied in such a raisedcountertop provided an upper level between the kitchen and living area. Since the trends keep on changing and people grow their choices, some problems were identified with the design. A lot of problems were identified with the users since a lot of space was required to work in. Even the top-shelf took a lot of space from the preparation area and it has to be managed.

Two-Tiered countertop

The only space left to be used as the shelf which could not function as a proper dining place. Even the space left for the counter could not be used properly. Today, with the ongoing trend, most people are adopting a kitchen island with raised bar top which is a single-level countertop design for versatility. A kitchen island bar is a key element in the space and in an open concept home, it becomes all the more important.

Changes To The Existing Countertop Design

Can We Make Changes To The Existing Countertop Design?

If you are already a two-tiered island owner, then you might have found different options to remodel the kitchen. A kitchen is remodeled at a maximum of only two times in the life of a person and therefore, a lot of thought should be applied before designing it. There might have been instances where the kitchen looked perfect but while functioning gave a problem.

Some of these changes which might add to the aesthetics of the space include refinishing the cabinets, coloring the raised bar countertop, upgrading the countertop by placing a different solid surface. For example, in the case of people who bake regularly, a marble countertop is preferred and considered the best since the surface becomes smooth ensuring smooth rolling of the dough. For a warmer look, a butcher block surface can also be used to enhance the preparation.

If your kitchen flow is something that matters and you’re very happy with it, the size and placement of the island need not interfere which will enhance the space. Only the two-tiered design should be worked upon in such cases. Hire a contractor and cut down the extra part of the shelf, thus refinishing the base and replacing the countertop with the desired one making it much more aesthetic and functional. For a kitchen island with raised bar top, a high bar is not required, and thus cutting it down helps open up the visual space and gives a clearer view of the space allotted for the kitchen. This gives much more space for the living area.

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Assisting The Kitchen Designer

Whether you decide to choose a new kitchen design or alter the existing island with the kitchen countertop with raised bar, a professional is definitely needed. A firm kitchen design will explain the options better and help in analyzing the probable costs of replacing and reworking the space. Many different materials can be chosen from the list of options and the cabinet choices are also plenty. Any work performed with the designer will be of high quality and if you decide to replace the island it will fit in with the existing design. Cutting the existing designed space, the contractor can help you to choose from the options.

A kitchen island with raised bar top is a major element in the design of the kitchen and helps to define the living space of the client. The functionality of the kitchen affects the flow of work in the house. One of the smartest ways of investment is that a person can try to create a more functional space making it a smarter thing to do. These activities include reinstalling, repairing the existing problems, and furnishing the space.

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