15 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles You Should Never Miss

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Updated: Mar 15, 2024



If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen cabinet, you should know about the best Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to make the right choice. Cabinet doors are the most visible elements in your kitchen and to choose the perfect one you need to be aware of the latest and trending cabinets styles. Cabinet styles kitchen is often assumed to be a costly expenditure but it doesn’t mean it always has to be expensive. Tons of cabinet types are affordable as well as trending which can be your perfect inexpensive way to transform your kitchen space to make it look more overwhelming.

Let’s take a quick overview…

For Baroque or Ornamental or Traditional

You may consider cathedral, arch, shaker, glass, and similar.

For Minimalist or Contemporary or Industrial

You may consider thermofoil, metal, glass, and similar.

For Shabby Chic or Antique or Cottage

You may consider raised, arch, mesh, breadboard, and similar. Here we’ve discussed the top 15 kitchen cabinets styles that can help and guide you to choose the right style for your kitchen.


1. Flat

Decor: if you’re looking for cabinets doors that are flexible, and go with both modern or contemporary, this one is for you.

Cost: Although the cost varies with the size of the kitchen it’s more or less budget-friendly.

Theflat panel cabinet door stylesis also called the slab door. It has no frills and no frame. The cabinet doors are available in budget-friendly decorative laminate or you can also go for the wooden ones.

Pros: It has smooth and clean lines. This style is the perfect one for showcasing any particular color. They go very well if you have got a contemporary or sleek modern interior.

Cons: This style doesn’t have any drastic specific Cons but it may look very plain if not done right. The color, finish, and hardware is critical elements of this door and they need to be done correctly, as it doesn’t come with any other extra frills or frame.


2. Shaker

Decor: It is very flexible. If you’re thinking of going from traditional to contemporary style, it is the perfect choice for you.

Cost: This one is very budget-friendly.

From the square recessed panel of the door, you’ll be able to recognize the shaker-style cabinetry. It has a very simple but classic look, and it is also considered one of the most commonkitchen cabinet door styles because of its versatility. Although this style was originally developed to be presented without any ornamentation, nowadays many variations are being made to the original design of this door style.

Pros: This is one of the most versatile kitchen cabinet door trends that goes with many decor types. Be it traditional or modern style, this is one of the most suitable door styles that can work with a variety of woods, stains, paint colors, and hardware.

Cons: This style doesn’t have any such Cons to state.


3. Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles: Distressed

Decor: if you prefer your cabinet styles kitchen to have an antique and shabby chic style, this is the best one.

Cost: It’s a little more expensive than the cabinets that are without distressing.

Of all the other kitchen cabinet door varieties, you need to go for this one if you have got a rustic or antique-looking kitchen space. Any old painted door can get this rustic aged look after having the corners rubbed off or after using any other distressing techniques.

Pros: If the distressing technique is done right, the distressed look can give the cabinets a beautiful rustic character.

Cons: The extra work to distress the doors requires fifteen to twenty percent extra charge. Moreover, when the distressing is not done right, it may hamper and ruin your whole cabinet styles kitchen. It might look unnatural and overdone when the right techniques aren’t used.


4. Beadboard

Decor: this kitchen cabinet door style is usually rustic, cottage, and more traditional.

Cost: the cost of these kitchen cabinets styles differs and varies. But it is most affordable.

It has a flat panel cabinet doors style. The central panels of this style will look like traditional beadboards. This beadboard style is a row of wood planks that are lined up vertically to make the flat panel cabinet doors. In between each plank, there is a slight intention or ridge which is also called the bead. This paneling style also goes great when used as a kitchen backsplash.

Pros: This cabinet door style adds charm and texture to the kitchen.

Cons: As the door has many little cracks and crevasses it can be a little harder to clean the door properly.


5. Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles: Louvered

Decor: This kitchen cabinet style is quite flexible.

Cost: It’s not much budget-friendly but is Considered one of the most expensive kitchen cabinets styles.

The louvered doors have horizontal wood slats which are mostly seen on window shutters. These wooden slats add a unique look to the design that enhances your kitchen look and give it a modern glow.

Pros: This is one of the best kitchen cabinets styles that add textures and visual interest to the kitchen. This style is the perfectly suited one for cabinets that require ventilation. Cabinet near the radiators and laundry rooms need to have these styled doors.

Cons: This style is prone to grease and they’re dust catchers. Moreover, it’s not budget-friendly and can’t be afforded by many.


6. Raised

Decor: this kitchen cabinet door style is more traditional than any.

Cost: It’s more costly than the flat panel cabinets doors.

The doors of this style are raised in the middle section which creates a groove between the frame and the panel in the center. This gives an extra depth to the whole cabinetry.

Pros: It comes in a variety of styles. The extra details create shadows that go well with the traditional kitchens and have more ornamentation.

Cons: The extra details are too expensive. The more details you want to add, costs you more money.


7. Mullion

Decor: More and mostly traditional.

Cost: The cost varies greatly with designs and sizes. But it’s more or less budget-friendly.

This mullion is a vertical component that helps in forming a division between the different units of a door. It’s usually used decoratively on the glass doors to add charm to it.

Pros: It can provide a window look and even gives a nice accent to the cabinetry.

Cons: This particular kitchen door type might look a tad odd if you don’t adjust the height of the shelf inside the cabinet which lines up the mullions. They are prone to catch dust and grade and are harder to clean and maintain.


8. Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles: Glass

Decor: It’s quite flexible.

Cost: the cost of this style differs widely.

The glass kitchen cabinet style is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Although the glass doors can add to visual clutter, that wouldn’t be any problem if you keep things neatly inside. Semi-transparent options are available too like the painted glass front cabinet, seeded glass, etc.

Pros: They enlarge the room and make it appear bigger. It also makes it easier to find things as the doors are transparent which displays the objects inside.

Cons: The problem of visible discolouration from the smoke, grease, and vapor becomes very prominent. They’re resistant to rough opening and closing. It requires more cleaning.


9. Custom

Decor: This is one of the most flexible kitchen cabinets styles which goes well with any kind of space.

Cost: It varies widely, but there aren’t much more than the manufactured or the semi-custom cabinet lines.

This kitchen cabinets style adds charm to the place and can be an affordable way to modify the look of your kitchen.

Pros: It fits perfectly into any space as you can customize this. It doesn’t limit the design and you can add any design to your cabinet.

Cons: It takes more time to lead. Moreover, the changes aren’t very predictable as they vary with designs and sizes.


10. Metal

Decor: If you like industrial style, contemporary, or modern, you can go for this one.

Cost: Varies widely with the quality of the metal. You’ll have numerous options available that range from stainless steel to aluminium. Even if you want to go for an industrial look, you’ll be provided with the option of corrugated steel. If you pair it with wood, it can have other warmer qualities.

Pros: It can make the room look refreshing. It adds visual interest to a room. It’s going great with both wood and glass.

Cons: MentalKitchen cabinet door styles are not much appealing to all and can stand a problem if you want to sell the place in the future.


11. Aspen

Decor: They’re pretty flexible and go with any style.

Cost:Affordable and budget-friendly.

This is one of the simplest kitchen cabinets styles that gives the kitchen a sophisticated and simple smooth look.

Pros: It fawns on the craftsmanship of the Construction and the subtle look that it provides. It complements any kitchen style be it rustic or contemporary.

Cons: It doesn’t have any such acute Cons.


12. Adobe

Decor: Extremely flexible, goes with classic and modern biotech.

Cost: Cost varies with the size and the material.

It is a variation of the shaker style and has more details on the inside of the frame and the outer edges. All the additional details are subtle and not at all tacky.

Pros: It’s visually appealing and adds charms to the kitchen.

Cons: You should have all details in the right manner or else it may look style-less.


13. Heritage

Decor: Mostly goes with traditional spaces.

Cost: it’s budget-friendly.

It offers a sophisticated look that turns the cabinet into an attractive point of the kitchen. The doors have a raised panel which is located in the center which provides dynamic depth.

Pros: If you do it right, it can elevate the color and the appearance of the whole cabinetry.

Cons: If you do not use the right color, it can make the kitchen appear dull because of it.


14. Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles: Reverse

Decor: More suitable in Classic and quaint kitchens.

Cost: It’s very affordable.

It’s a variation of the heritage style but the panel has a different kind of detail. It has raised panels.

Pros: these doors are eye-catching even from a distance as they’re ornate.

Cons: they’re loud and squeaky.

Tongue and groove

15. Tongue and groove

Decor: More suited for industrial kitchens.


This is one of the most popular kitchen cabinets styles that is a variation of the beadboard style. But it lacks the outlining border.

Pros: It adds texture to the cabinetry and prevents the place from looking cluttered.

Cons: If not chosen in bold colors, it may look pale.

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