How To Cover Tile Countertops With Thin Quartz

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Updated: Mar 15, 2024



Most of the modern-day kitchens have been installed with quartz countertops. If you have a tiled countertop and you want to replace it, then do not worry. We are going to delineate how to cover tile countertops with thin quartz in this article and provide you with all the necessary information. Replacing tile countertop with thin quartz might seem a lot of work and impossible in the first instance, but if done correctly, it is not that hard.

Covering tile countertopswith thin quartz gives your kitchen an updated look. Quartz countertops come in many designs and colors. Moreover, it is a sturdy material and easy to maintain.

Replacing Tile Countertop With Thin Quartz

Required Equipment For Replacing Tile Countertop With Thin Quartz

For covering tile countertopswith thin quartz, these appliances are needed. Let us have a look at this equipment before answering how to cover tile countertops with thin quartz.

  1. Pencil and graphing paper
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Adhesive gun
  4. Adhesive tape
  5. Thin-set mortar
  6. Joint sealant
  7. Notched trowel
  8. Putty knife
  9. Damp sponge
  10. Hammer
  11. Old newspapers
  12. Pipe wrench
  13. Pry bar

Keep these things handy to installa quartz tile counter.

Step By Step Guideline

Step By Step Guideline

Grab the required things first. You already have? Nice. Now, let us move to the next part of how to cover tile countertops with thin quartz. First of all, cover the cabinets and floor area around the countertop with old newspaper. Use adhesive tape to secure the old newspaper in its place. You can opt-out of using adhesive tape on the floor.

Cutouts For Quartz Tile Counter

If you have succeeded in covering up the cabinets and floor securely and have come this far, then congratulations, you have a great start. Before we tell you how to update tile countertops,carry out these instructions carefully.

Cover the entire countertop with paper. Trace the areas that are to be replaced with quartz. Make a cutout of the countertop using paper. Leave space for fixed appliances like faucets, nozzles, sink, etc., that are not to be covered. These cutouts will help you get more accurate proportions for your quartz tile counter. Moreover, it will be easier for the manufacturer to make the quartz accordingly.

Decide The Thickness

Decide The Thickness Of Quartz

Before you go on and replace the tile countertop with quartz, it is important to decide on the thickness of the quartz that you are planning on installing. The thickness may vary according to one’s choice and preference, and it also plays a key role in deciding the price factor. Generally, the quartz sheets are ¾ inches to 11/2 inches thick. You can also customize the thickness as per your convenience.

You must be asking what is the thinnest quartz countertop? And you are not alone to ask this. The thinnest quartz sheet you can get is 1 centimeter thick. Before picking as thin as a 1-centimeter thick quartz sheet, you must consider the toughness you are looking for. Thinner quartz sheets are not as durable as thick quartz sheets for your kitchen countertop.

We tend to use the kitchen countertops for many purposes, from preparing food to placing some minimal decorative stuff to give a homely look to our kitchen ambiance. These can damage the countertop easily if the quartz sheet is very thin. A thin quartz sheet also means that the price would be lower, and the carrying cost would be lower. Consider these factors before choosing your quartz.

Choose The Quartz

Take measurements of the kitchen countertop surface. Carefully note the length and width of the countertop along with the paper cutout you have already prepared. This will help the manufacturer. Visit your nearest stone manufacturing store and hand them over the measurements and cutouts for your selected slab. Quartz is getting popular among people for a high-end modern kitchen nowadays. There are plenty of quartz slabs available to choose from. These quartz slabs come in many different designs and colors and are very sturdy and low maintenance.

You can choose Calcutta Luccia MSI quartz. It looks very lovely, and the grey marble looks heavenly if your kitchen is all white or beige. Coastal grey quartz is also a very lovely choice. The blue-ish beachy look will only add to your kitchen ambiance. No matter what type of quartz you choose, you can hardly go wrong with your decision on granite.

Once you have picked the stone, hand over the measurements of your kitchen countertop to the store employee. They will cut and prepare the quartz slabs accordingly. If you are still thinking about what is the thinnest quartz countertop, then ask the employees there. They are more than happy to help you find the right choice for you.

Uninstalling The Tiles

Uninstalling The Tiles From The Kitchen Countertop

Well, the tough part of this how-to cover tile countertops with thin quartz is removing the tiles. It is hard but not impossible so don’t worry. We are going to guide you. Carefully follow the instructions. Removing the old, old tile surface will ensure a better installation of the new quartz slabs on the kitchen countertop.

First and foremost, cut the water supply in your sink if you have any. Remove the faucet using a pipe wrench. Now drain the sink and remove it carefully. Set aside the sink, faucet, screws, mounting clips, and other fasteners. We will reinstall them once we carefully install the quartz on the countertop.

To remove the tiles from the countertop, you will need the pry bar. Choose the tile nearest to the wall. Now insert the edge of the pry bar under the edge of the tile carefully. Now use the hammer to gently tap the pry bar. This will ensure that the tile comes off without any damage to the kitchen countertop. This is the most important step that you need to follow to know how to cover tile countertops with thin quartz.

Use this method to remove all the tiles from the kitchen countertop. Once you are done, use the putty knife. Run the putty knife through the surface of the countertop to smoothen the area. After using the putty knife, take a damp sponge and clean the exposed area thoroughly. Remove all the dust and leave it to dry completely before you start any work on the kitchen countertop.

Can you put quartz over tile backsplash? Well, you certainly can if you want to, but it is advised to remove the tile backsplash too before installing the quartz.

Use Adhesive Carefully

You need to be extra careful while applying the adhesive. Prepare the mortar using sand and cement to attach the quartz slabs in its place. Spread the mortar on the exposed countertop surface evenly. Check if you have missed a spot and apply the mortar. The mortar helps hold the quartz slabs in their place firmly so that the quartz does not get dislocated in the future.

Installation Of The Quartz

While installing the quartz on the kitchen countertop, you need to be very careful. It will be a permanent fix, so be mindful of leveling the surface. Otherwise, you might face difficulties in the future while preparing the food or cutting vegetables.

Get some extra help to execute this installation perfectly and smoothly. The quartz is comparatively heavy for one person. And lifting the heavy quartz all by yourself can get you into major health issues. You can get injured while handling the quartz alone. The quartz can get damaged if you drop it and can also damage the floor. This is why you should ask for help while installing the quartz.

Can you use quartz over tile backsplash? You can but take someone else’s help to hold it in position. After securely installing the quartz, use a rubber mallet to get the air bubbles out and level the surface.

Joint Sealer To Secure The Quartz

Joint Sealer To Secure The Quartz

After installing the quartz on the countertop, there must be some space left between the quartz slabs. Apply a joint sealer between the quartz slabs for a permanent fix. It can get tricky to apply joint sealer between the gaps for some people. Do not worry. Use the adhesive gun to apply the joint sealer. Be generous while applying the joint sealer. Clean off any excess joint sealer for a better finish. Now leave it to dry on its own.

Reinstalling The Sink

Check if the mortar has dried off. Take the sink and place it upside down on the kitchen countertop. Mark the places where the holes need to be drilled to set the sink in its place. Drill holes for the screws and clamps used to fix the sink in its position. Use adhesive to seal off the edges of the sink with the quartz countertop. Place and hold the sink for a few seconds to secure it in its position. It is tricky to fix under-mount sinks. Use the same methods mentioned above to reinstall the under-mount sink.

Concluding Thoughts

It might seem like a fun project to replace the tile countertop with quartz. We have already discussed how to cover tile countertops with thin quartz. It might seem easy, but you need to know the work you are taking into your hands before you dive right into it. It comes with its challenges, but it is a good way to save some extra money, and you can also learn a lot.

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